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March 25 2016


The Cost of Motor Vehicle Crashes to Employers

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In 2013, car crashes killed over 1,600 people and injured 293,000 as they definitely were working. Over half of the injuries forced website visitors to miss work. Overall, on-the-job crash injuries (fatal and non-fatal) amounted to about 7.6% of most crash injuries.

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Motor vehicle crashes off and on the position cost employers $47.4 billion in 2013. Up to 50 % of this cost resulted from off-the-job injuries to workers as well as their dependents. The remainder resulted from on-the-job crashes.

The report also found that employer-paid medical costs per employee injured in the crash were nearly double in on-the-job crashes where the employee wasn't wearing a seatbelt and were increased by way of a third for off-the-job crashes.

"When people think of the human and financial impact of traffic crashes for the workplace, they think of company car drivers," said Jack Hanley, executive director of NETS.

"This new report is definitely an eye-opener. It implies that employers bear the crash costs of their employees, not only their company drivers. Investing in road safety is good business and today's report provides employers which has a blueprint for developing business cases meant for employee road safety."

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